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We are immensely proud to have been part of the project with Barnsley MBC to create one of the UK's first permanent memorial tributes to the victims and key workers of the covid 19 pandemic.

The Reverence was unveiled at the Glass Works in Barnsley's town centre on 22.11.21,  and was the culmination of more than 12 months work by a dedicated panel who have collectively designed and made the installation.

Artist Graham Ibbeson was chosen because of his unbreakabe bond with the city and having worked with the foundry on several other public artworks, chose the foundry to partner with him again. Graham, along with Jane Hamilton, one of the founders of Lockbund Sculpture Foundry, created 7 life-size figures to embody the "everyday people" who are otherwise missed from such public works. A young girl, older man, volunteer, nurse, carer, police officer and a teacher. The inspiring figures span all generations and communities and represent the real, ordinary people who have been affected, and continue to be affected, by the pandemic.


“This is a memorial to people who have passed and in recognition of those who keep this country going. It’s a sculpture of hope and will be the first permanent memorial of its type in the country. I was honoured to give my time to be involved with this project.”  - Graham Ibbeson

The Making of the sculpture

Part of our commission for the Covid memorial was the design concept for the plinth. We wanted to create a pedestal for these people that would radiate hope, growth and moving forward into the future. The planting was a literal response to this living plinth, surrounding them in ever-changing colours and also by design allowed an opportunity to engage with the young people of the area, Barnsley's future citizenry.


We wanted to capture the children's world view and the way in which key workers and everyday people had helped them to feel safe.


Primary school children were asked to submit drawings of their 'key worker heroes' and hundreds of entries were received. From parents to bakers, refuse collectors to teachers, posties, bus drivers, midwives and scientists, the children had felt the collective efforts of all of these people and wanted to thank them. Below are the images of how their drawings were then used to create a lasting tribute on their behalf.

Reading the entries from the children was a highlight of ours in the creation of the Reverence. Along with the words of Ian McMilan the motto on the Barnsley crest could not be more befitting of this project, and the people of Barnsley as a whole;


Spectemur Agendo 

"Let us be judged by our acts" 

The Making of the Children's Plaque:


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