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(Chthonic,  pronounced ‘Thonic,’ from the Greek meaning Earth)


We were commissioned by Dick Onians and C J O'Shea to bring to life Chthonic Spirit. Given Dick's original wood carving we scanned the sculpture and milled it first at half size and then at full size into high density polystyrene. From there we created a full scale model at 4.68 meters long and cast into bronze. 

'As seen from above this piece has organic power suggestive of tree roots and the questing end of a worm.  It has something of a cracked whip about the end where it emerges from the ground.  Like Baltimore Tower with its curves it also grows out of the earth and has latent power.  Chthonic Spirit carries the beholder’s eye around and focuses the imagination on the energy and power needed to emerge from and move along the ground.'

Dick Onians

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